Sunday, December 20, 2015

The infamous ABC Sanctuary! (Dec. 19)

Annapurna South sunrise from MBC

It was a bone chilling night at MBC (Machhapuchhre Basecamp) and just as cold when we watched the sunrise this morning! Ouch my fingers and toes were frozen from snapping pictures of the world awakening at 6:15 am. We watched for the sun to kiss the peaks in the Annapurna Sanctuary above and to the west of us! It was like watching an artist slowly paint the peaks pink! Mother Nature is incredible and never ceases to amaze me!

The sunrise above the Annapurna Basecamp (13,500') only beckoned us forward to sit inside the nest of peaks! So we packed up and walked up the additional 1400' to the great ABC and her "Goddesses" of South Annapurna, Annapurna 1, Hiunchuli, and Tent Peak.......and Machhapuchchhre across the valley! 
Approaching ABC with Annapurna South behind.

Milk tea with Machhapuchchhre "fish tail" behind. 

Bathing beauty!

ABC pano

We sunbathed like bathing beauties until the sun ducked behind a mountain and changed our whole world for the rest of the evening! It was frigid and all you can do was eat dinner and go to bed!  We were tucked in by the moonlight of a half moon and the constellation, "Orion."  Both John and I were feeling nostalgic seeing how this would be our last night in the high Himilayas. Seeing Orion reminded me of walking my sweet Walter down my road in the mornings before I go to crossfit and school. My morning walks with my sweet Wally are very special to me and we always look at Orion together. Yes, I am missing my Walter and Winston terribly! .....and the is what my grandpa used to say...."I see the moon and the moon sees me, God bless the moon!" This was the perfect night!
My buddy!


  1. Hi Maggie:
    I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your daily posts. Sounds like a very exciting trip.
    I've gotten a few Walter sightings. He seems to be doing well. Whoever took him for a walk the other night left a bunch of little snowmen along the way. There's a couple at the end of my block -> makes me laugh. See you soon. Karen

  2. What an adventure you two! Your pictures are amazing. I can't even imagine how much more impressive it must be to actually be there! Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas!!!!! Take care, Molly

  3. It continues to be so special to feel like we are a part of your journey. Thank you a million times over. Mary Jo and Patrick