Saturday, December 12, 2015

No Horn Zone (Dec. 12th)

Welcome to Pokhara! (Airport)

We were up early, ate breakfast with Tashi and your family, and then we were off to a taxi! We headed to the Kathmandu airport to catch a flight to Pokhara, Nepal. 
Yay! Another small plane but bigger than the plane from Lukla! Yeti airlines.

Baggage claim building. 

Pokhara is the second largest city in Nepal and is known for having a "chill" vibe to its cadence. Many tourists come to Pokhara for its mello atmosphere, beautiful lake and to launch on trekking adventures into the Annapurna mountains. We arrived to Pokhara and decided to walk to the main part of the city which is located along a large lake called, "Phewa Tal."  I was very happy to pass a huge billboard sign indicating that we were entering a no horn area. :) 
Big smile!!!!

Like many other cohntries I have visited, Nepali drivers use their horn to communicate their every move whether it is a happy or an angry gesture. Actually most of the time the horn is used as a neutral gesture and not out of anger as in the US. With that being said the natural sound in Nepal usually consists of a lot of car honking, dogs barking, and roosters crowing......except in Pokhara....ahhhh!
More bikes and cows.....fewer cars, motor bikes and busses. 

We found a nice place to stay, organized the washing of our nasty clothes, and hit the town along the lake. Seriously......this place is way more chill and mello to my liking!  It's very apparent that many Nepali families come here for their vacations along with international tourists. The elevation of Pokhara is lower than Kathmandu making the temperature warmer and the vegetation more lush! Ahhhh! I have to admit this is a great contrast to the Khumbu valley! 

Typical restaurant along the lake. 


"Phewa Tal" (lake)

We sat on a bench to listen to these guys playing music. They were really good!

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