Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ice cold beauty! (Dec. 20)

You would think we learned from yesterday but nope we did it again! 
South Annapurna

Annapurna 1

This time it was almost like we could smell the sunrise we were so close! Cold, cold, cold but oh so beautiful!
Annapurna 1 with the glacial moraine 

It took us extra long to say goodbye to this cirque of "goddesses" before we started our long and multi day descent. While saying our goodbyes an huge Avalanche released on Annapurna South. The sound rumbled so loud that you could feel it inside your body. It's amazing the amount of force that is generated from gigantic pieces of ice and snow falling! Just the cloud of snow was bigger than anything I've ever seen release! What a send off the mountains were giving us! 
Climber's memorial with Annapurna in the backdrop. 

The Sanctuary

We started our descent around 10:30 am and the clouds were already starting to roll into the valley from below. We actually walked down into the clouds and walked in the clouds for the rest of the day. 

We were sad to leave the awesomeness of the great glaciated peaks but were gracefully welcomed by the forest and I continued my quest for finding trolls! 

The vegetation bombarded our senses with brilliant colors and organic smells! (Yes, some of you may think the smells came from me and the food I've been eating but no I am referring to "earth smells" this time! Haha!) 

We even ventured off the trail and found a magical canyon providing drainage for the sanctuary!

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