Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Giant Turdsicle and a Tinkle Ice Rink... (Dec. 5)

Our night at Gorak Shep was uneventful except for the NASTY bathrooms! I think the title of this entry speaks for itself describing both bathrooms! I refused to use them and strategically planned my tinkles by going when we were on our hikes and going after dark outside in the cold surrounded my mules in what I call the "sandbox."  Gorak Shep is located on the edge of a huge sand pit that would make an excellent sand volleyball pot!
Gorak Shep 

From Gorak Shep we headed farther up the Khumbu Glacier to the famous Everest Basecamp (5364m/17,598'). Because this time of the year isn't the climbing season there weren't any tents at the base (and I'm still trying to figure out where they would put the tents among all the rocks and ice) There was however a commemorative monument for this special place. For me I wanted to visit this place to pay tribute to the many souls that have been lost on the mountain and at Basecamp. I respect their sense of adventure and willingness to push themselves. It takes a lot of tenacity and commitment to just prepare yourself for Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest). 

Glacier/ice falls off of Nuptse

Got balance? At what point will this rock go?

It's crazy how the layer of rocks prevent the ice from melting!

We just couldn't get enough of Nuptse!

We enjoyed our return hike to Gorak Shep looking at the incredible ice flows coming off the mountains and down the valley. It's amazimg to see them up close!

After a quick lunch at our lodge (while my bladder was getting to the point of explosion) we decided to hike back down to Lobuche in hopes of finding a better place to spend the night. And that we did along with other fun travelers from the United States, Chile, China, and Great Britain! We enjoyed sharing stories by the fire and John and I enjoyed a "decent" bathroom!

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