Tuesday, November 24, 2015

We are in the Himalayas!!!

Over and over both John and I keep stopping and hardly believing that we are in the Himalayas! So many issues have come up that jeopardized  pulling off this dream of a trip and it's hard to believe that it actually materialized! Before I get to day one of the Everest Basecamp Trek (EBC) I am going to free myself from typos, autocorrect mistakes, and poor writing. I am typing on a tiny iPhone 5 screen and this blogger app actually makes what I can see 1/4 of an inch because my keyboard takes up so muchspace.  I refuse to read and reread my posts because I might be missing out on more stuff around me. So there you go...you can fill in the blanks where things don't quite make sense and maybe use your own imagination. What I write is what goes through my head so watch out! Haha! 

EBC trek is a Trekker and local's "highway" of dirt, stones, and scary bridges. There aren't any signs making it totally clear of where to go but there is enough traffic to figure it out. The local (Sherpa) people are extremely kind out here. It's nice to finally be out of the city and I will not get on that rant. If you know me well enough you know how I feel about cities and that id rather have my feet directly on the dirt surrounded by trees. We saw views of towering peaks that make colorado's 14ers look tiny right out of the gate! I can't help but take pictures and pictures of the same peaks. I think I might be suffering from trigger finger! The natural surroundings are amazing but this is far more than a "nature" experience....this is a cultural experience. There are Trekkers from all over the world and plenty of local people to mix with and learn from. I just love meeting others who are different from me and learning from them. Every experience we have (both positive and negative) shapes who we are and allows us to grow in the ways we choose to grow from them. I guess that's why I like getting out and trying new things and taking healthy risks. We are finishing breakfast as you guys are finishing dinner. Bon appetite and cheers!  More to come on the subcultures in Nepal and what a Sherpa person truly is.... 

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  1. What amazing surroundings. Also, did you and John plan on matching? Matchy-matchy! Thank you for sharing your adventures!