Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Omg!!!!!! X 100000000000000

Holy Toledo! Our flight into Lukla was freaking crazy! I didn't realize that you could pack so much excitement into a 27 minute flight! As the plane approached the Lukla airport we had views of Mount Everest and much to close to comfort views of the peaks and passes we were flying between. We could could easily see baseball sized rocks on the passes we were flying over and the turbulence made the closeness kind of unnerving! Then we rounded the corner for our final approach into Lukla. For a moment I could see the short runway in the distance with the mountain at the end of it. I quickly realized that our pilot was highly skilled because this was not remotely close to a typical landing. The runway has a pretty intense uphill slope to assist in landing and also to assist in take-off. All I can say that I was torn between excitement and a little bit of nervousness. For sure I had to surrender all control to a higher power and let life take its course. I was thankful to finally place my feet on the ground! By the way the views are amazing. Lukla is nestled in between huge mountains!!! 

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