Sunday, November 29, 2015

No more colon blow! :)

Thank you for all the comments to my blog. I wish I knew who the comments were from so thank you!

I might have a problem with charging my phone so if my blog updates stop you will know why. I have my fingers crossed. 

Holy cow! The last two days of hiking have been incredible and our stomachs are back to "normal"! On the 28th we hiked from Dole (4200 m/13,779 ft.) to Machermo (4470 m/14,664 ft.). We have been moving very slowly walking shorter distances and guagimg our days by altitude gains. So far we have been doing well!  We stayed at a lodge that uses a lot of solar energy for their electricity and route their water through a black hose over their roof to slightly heat it from the sun. We particularly enjoyed sitting in their sunroom enjoying the heat and incredible views!  I also made a new friend named Dashi with a very cute face and fluffy white coat. I definitely miss my Walter and Winston!
Nawany and Ivan from the US. 

Sunroom in Machermo 
Dashi and his toy bunny. 
Porters playing soccer at 14,665 ft lugging people's gear all day!

The 29th we left Machermo and pushed towards Gokyo (4790 m/15,715 ft). Again we are taking it slowly. We hiked past a series of three lakes that are an amazing cross between blue and tourquiose in color! After doing a little laundry and some lunch we took a 15 minute walk up to a ridge that overlooks the village of Gokyo to watch the sunset on the mountains! Ahhh!  The village of Gokyo sits at the base of Cho Oyu mountain (8189 m/almost 27,000 ft) (Ben I will let you convert that to the exact feet you math wiz!) which is the sixth tallest peak in the world! Holy cow, yet again!
Sunrise in Machermo. 
Buddhist offering for the morning. 

Approaching the lakes close to Gokyo. 

Cho Oyu in background. Sixth largest peak in world. 

Cho Oyu at sunset. 


  1. Maggie!! Your pictures and stories are awesome!! Thanks for sharing. -Laurie W.

  2. Glad your stomachs are back on track. Looks like a great trip so far. Good job taking it slow and thanks for the great updates!
    Jenny Cautrell